I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend ... I live in the U.S. (Portland) and my boyfriend lives in the Philippines. I went there for a vacation for 1 month and on June of 2010 is when I met him and we got closer and became more then friends and fall in love for each other .... but the bad thing was that I have to come back to U.S. and leave him in the Philippines . and we were only 16 years old . and that's when our long distance relationship started ..... until now we still have the love we had when we first saw each other. we always call each other and also chat on facebook and webcam too. and now we are 19months being together but still in a long distance relationship. and we are both 18 years old now. were planing to get married in 2016 and have our own family someday after we finish school . and also planning to bring him here in the U.S. with me after we get married ...... would you do everything to be with someone you love even if it's a long distance relationship ??? cause I would 100% i will !