... some declarations to help you get started. Use indirect addressing to reference the elements of the arrays. ARY1 is delimited by the HEX value 0000. Continue copying values from ARY1 to ARY2 until you reach a value of 0000. Count the number of elements in ARY1 as you copy them and store the result. (No, you shouldn't just assign the count operand CTR a value of 5. Its value should be computed as your program executes.) Your program should work for any size array. (12 pt)
PTR1, HEX 'ARY1 /Pointer to ARY1
PTR2, HEX 'ARY2 /Pointer to ARY2
CTR, HEX 0000 /Number of elements copied from ARY1 to ARY2
ARY1, HEX 0015
HEX 0003
HEX 002C
HEX 0008
HEX 000E
HEX 0000
ARY2, HEX 0000