How can I make my boobs closer together?

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They are the way they are sorry, try a push up bra with your colthing, Trust me when you are in a love making situation it wont matter how close they are, good luck.

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you can make boobs closer together you will be push in your bra many times and you can create one playboy to push your bra then your boobs are changed in big and push the boobs in applying the oils in so many times its the easy way.then your boyfriend sucking your boobs.

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Put on your normal bra then put a srorts bra over your normal bra,(make sure the sports bra has wide shoulder) then put a nother sports bra on with any shoulder(perfurably a wide shoulder) then adjust the sports bras to cover cleavege and look in the bras and make sure your breast are 1/2-1 inch apart then leave on through out the day and adjust to make the holders on the bottom of your sports bra to be directly onder the normal bra! hope that helps!

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dont i know boys like boobs jst the same

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