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I need to do my art coursework on an artist whose work is similar to my final idea. I need to find an artist who creates paintings that involve body ...

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How would these chemicals effect the brain and body?

How would these chemicals effect the brain and body if taken as a stack?: Modafinil, beta-blockers, epinephrine, levodopa and a micro dose of LSD

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What do these symptoms mean?

my chest felt heavy shortening of breath neusea feel really weak (movement of my body felt heavy) and i felt light headed this was the first time I ...

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Is it considered rape if I lower my aunts panties and bra while she is sleeping?

What about if i just run my hand over her body and touch her breast .

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How can I make my boobs closer together?

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I want to have sex with my mom..plz give me tips how to seduce her. ?

m 16 my mom is 42...she is a housewife & somewat religious..m frm she has a vry ...

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