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What do these symptoms mean?

my chest felt heavy shortening of breath neusea feel really weak (movement of my body felt heavy) and i felt light headed this was the first time I ...

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Looking for a certain brother sister hentai video?

I think it's a POV from the brother. His younger sister comes and visits his apartment by surprise, she cleans I think and I think the first ...

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Anime where a man and a woman fought to see who's best. Got married. Still fighting. Had a baby?

These two were like fighters, they fought to see who is best and the fighting kept going even when they got married and when they had their first ...

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I hit my boyfriend first, then he hit me back a lot harder, worse, and more, should I forgive?

My boyfriend and I have had our ups and downs. I have a small temper, but ...

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Read first, think and then awnser: Can the bible be used to scientifically prove "Gods" existance?

In history we learned of jesus born 3 b.c. and died in 30 a.d. during ...

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Should I start buying condoms?

I'm 12 and i have a girlfriend. we love each other and everything. She said we can go to second base. Should i buy condoms for the ...

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