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How come we have to follow PEMDAS in math?

Why do we follow PEMDAS when doing math problems? I mean, can't we try doing the problems on our own?

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American School exam help!! Please???

Can anyone give me the answers for all Geometry, Speech:How to talk and Essential Math 2 Alternate Exam 4? Please help?

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Tricky math question?

Borrow 500 from Dad Borrow 500 from Mom Get a shoe for 970 Balance 30 Return 10 to Dad Return 10 to Mom Keep balance 10 Now, owe dad 490 Now, owe mom ...

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Math problems

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You are selling tickets for the school musical.Student tickets cost $4 and adult tickets cost $

... sell 450 and collect many of each type of ticket you ...

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Math videos?

I just found math videos I wanted to share with you guys. It is free. It is going to help many more number of students.

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What is 5% of 40,000.00?

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Need answers for American school exams in Algebra 1 and Business math?

I have all other courses completed and I am willing to switch answers

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