Do the SMS Re-seller and White label are different from others?

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Yes, in the context of Bulk SMS services, SMS reseller and white label solutions are distinct ideas. Each is explained below.

SMS Reseller: An SMS reseller is a company or individual who buys Bulk SMS credits or packages at a wholesale price from a bulk SMS service provider and then resells them to their own clients or customers at a higher retail price. The reseller often functions as an intermediary between the bulk SMS provider and the end user, handling the SMS service's marketing, sales, and customer support. Certain parts of the service, such as branding the platform with the SMS reseller's own logo or company name, may be customizable.
White label solution: is a service or software in context of bulk sms given by a firm that allows another business to rebrand and resell the service as their own. In the case of a white label SMS solution, a company can buy the platform or software from a white label supplier, brand it, and sell SMS services to its customers under their own brand name.

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