Can iPhones be hacked, have remote administrator tools installed?Can a stalker control sites I visit

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Not exactly rat tools but something similar. They are able to read your messages, backdoor passwords, track pretty much everything you do. They don't have physical control over your iPhone, although they can spam you links that automatically open.
They're called ad hacks, when ever you click on anything it spams open an advertisement page.

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Hey, we spoke yesterday, you answered my question on a hacked email account. Thanks again. But.. Since yesterday I've been blocked from using this website from chrome. It says "forbidden. You do not have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use Error Document to handle request." But if I use safari I enter the site as normal. But.. My questions are not being approved on my old account. So strange, since yesterday was the first time I've posted here. Help? Your very smart!

Than for sure there is a hacker. He must have read our previous conversation and blocked the site. On Google chrome, download "Microsoft security essentials". This is the most up-to-date virus remover. That's pretty much the only way you can get rid of the hacker.
If the problem consists, call your internet service provider and ask them what other ip address's are being used on your internet. If there is one, tell them to block it.
If they don't find another one, he most likely is safe guarding his ip through websites.
This hacker doesn't sound too sophisticated, so he's mostly a newbie using backtrack installing rats on peoples computers.

For now, log out of every site you are in. Especially banking sites and important ones and don't log back in until the hacker is gone. To be safe, change every password.

Sorry to bug you again... But the Microsoft spyware probably won't work on my iPod right? You had suggested getting a new one. But this is my second in a year, so I really can't! I have a feeling I know the stalker, why else would they go thru so much trouble. Thanks for being so helpful, I think I might turn the Internet off, board up my windows, live in a closet... Scary stuff!

Oh, I thought you were using a computer as well as an iPod. The software wont work then.
Don't go through those extremes (boarding up your windows). Hackers are usually unsociable people with no intention of doing physical harm. They empower them selves by hacking and having a name they can be recognized by.
If you know the stalker, confront him and use police as a threat.

Well.. I have my person keeps popping up a lot lately. I don't think I could ever go accusing someone of this. I feel trapped, I either ignore the fact that I might be being watched, or stop using the Internet! Lose lose:( well I really appreciate all your help!

both my iphone and ipad are being remotely controlled by an administrator, proven by screenshots saying exactly that that appeared when i tried to do resets. there is no mdm profile, just an option to sign into a work or school account. all of my browsers, including safari, have javascript coding and links, so websites don't operate correctly, and they either hack or swap out my apps, which also either don't work correctly, if they open at all. there are also strange settings under accessibility settings, some of which i can't change, and apps that show under privacy settings and other settings that i can't even find on my devices, such as astronomy, feedback, xcode, and continuity. there are other settings i can't access or change, as well, or if i can change them, they change right back to how they were set. they've even changed my apple apps, control my icloud acct. and use my phone to make calls. this has been going on for several years, and i even know who is responsible. i can't get law enforcement or the fbi to do anything. there is no real help out there for victims of hacking, cyberstalking and gang stalking. it's a nightmarish way to live having zero privacy, especially on the medical and health information side, especially since everything is done online these days.

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oh - and advertising is one of their fav hack/tracking tools. they use weird fonts, clearscript and embedded objects in ads, and i am not able to opt-out on the standard advertising opt-out sites. they also use streaming, hosting non-standard locales and languages, IP peering and linked AS numbers for domains.