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'An income tax officer is free to visit 4 cities A B C D in any order he likes what is the?

... probability that he visits in the reverse order C BandA '

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I want to start a biogas bottling plant in India. Can someone please help me find a working plant?

For further study need to visit a working plant .please help me to find one.the address given in internet is not at valid. Please help me

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Is it possible to buy an open ended roundtrip airline ticket?

I want to visit my brother who is sick but don't know how long I need to be there. I would like to not give an end date if possible. I know ...

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What are the best place to travel in India?

Me and my family is planning to visit in India this time so please suggest the best travel and adventurous destination of India

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Hi I'm just wondering if you could visit other countries if you have a tattoo. Im from d philippines

i have always wanted to have a tattoo. my friends told me i would ...

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Do I Need To Visit A Dentist?

My tooth has been experiencing pain and it's receiving pain directly. It comes and goes. I think there may be a worse problem, but I am ...

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Dreamweaver-Screen resolution?

I made a website by using dreamweaver cs5.5. Now I want to make the site to adjust its screen resolution automatically to every device ...

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I have a dental visit coming up, and I'm terrified?

It's not so much actually being in the dentist's chair per se, but it's the fact that I'll have to ...

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