Do you have medicine that not make us too much hungry eventhought I eat a lot? please tell me?

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What u are saying that u don't want blood in ur system. Food is ur source of ur strength why do u want to stop eating. Just control ur eating habit . stay a life. may be u don't want to be orobo.

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it's not healthy to just not eat. you need to follow portion sizes that you find on the "nutrition facts". if you want to lose weight then the best way is to eat less, choose healthier foods and exercise more. diet pills are dangerous and are a waste of money. you'd be surprised that natural foods such as fruits and vegetables can keep you full for longer than a "hot pocket" for example.

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no I don't but just stay on a diet so you can get used it and you wont eat too much

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Understand you want to eat properly( fruits
+ veges etc) but you want to suppress yr
cravings (?)

Go to a Health Food Store + get some
Chromium ( Chromium Piccolate)

Helps greatly + is very safe.(Drs approv.)

Stay away grom Diet Suppressants,fads etc..
Either don't work or can be harmful.

Good Luck

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Many different foods are high in protein, so it's not difficult to get ... For this reason, you may feel hungry frequently if you don't eat enough of it. ... be hungry frequently if you eat a lot of refined carbs, as they do not ... If you're always hungry, it may help to drink a glass or two of water to find out if you are just .

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