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What is going on with my body?

What is going on with my body? I ate but still feel hungry, my stomach has been upset since yesterday with dirrariha but it was strange it was just ...

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Why when I get to food I don't want it?

I'll want something and be hungry but as soon ad I get to it my body is like heck no ew.

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How does it feel to be hungry?

This is a bit of a weird question to ask, isn´t it? But Since I was a child I haven´t eaten very much. I´d get forced to eat and ...

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Why does it seem like I am hungry all the time?

for an example I went and bought two sandwiches from McDonald. After eating I went to Wal-Mart to get food for an event. I ...

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Is there something wrong?

i am a 12 year old girl and about 2 days ago i am started to be always hungry. i ate a whole tv dinner and gushers and i was still hungry. i had ...

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Am I pregnant?

... every meal, and when I feel hungry it's like I HAVE to eat or I'll get shakey, I've been having mild cramping, and have been extra ...

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Help - Hungy but my body won't let me eat, why?

Ok so here is my issue. I am hungry until I go to eat or I will have two bites and my body will just rejects the idea of ...

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