Is it true that if a problem comes along you must whip it?

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No, not at all. Some problems are not worth the effort. That is called judgment. If you are going to die on a hill, choose a hill that is worth it.

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Yes it's true.

Better yet just solve it

If it's women troubles run from it

If debts or people get to you forgive and move on

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Problems are a part of life and we need not whip a problem, we should anticipate problems and deal with them as stepping stones and not stumbling blocks. Problem comes from the Greek word problema, which means something thrown in front of you, therefore a problem is a challenge. In this journey called life, there will be problems, a problem-free life is an illusion. But just because there are problems, it shouldn’t stop us from being happy. Let us learn to put our problems in proper perspective and then let us move forward in this journey, trying to attain the ultimate goal of realizing that we are the Divine Soul.

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