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Laptop Mobile GPU Power consumption?

So I am building my own laptop and my goal is to give it as much desktop performance as possible. Cooling is not a problem since I have already ...

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Relocating from Houston, Texas to (NOVA)" Tysons Corner, VA?

Thinking of relocating from Houston inner loop area to Tysons, VA. I would like to know pros and cons about Tysons Corner. Jobs aren't a ...

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Can I give my pet mouse benadryl?

I have a pet mouse that I got about 2 months ago from PetSmart but when I got him he had mites but they cleared up within two weeks no problem. Just ...

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What do I do when my relationship is going to shit, but deeply love the girl?

I've been dating the girl for 2 years. (Senior year of high school and just finished ...

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I work as house cleaner,why(some)women treat me badly?

i dont have problems with men but some women who rent me to clean her house treat me badly,sometimes it was ...

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How can I reset my facebook security question?

I am Kamal, I have a problem. My facebook account is well running but for security purposes I change little in its security ...

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Math problems

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Love problems?

Well i really like this guy and i have for like 2 years.Problem is that he is in love with this girl.And that girl and i have always hated eachother..... ...

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