My son is Latino but he dating a muslim girl u think its a great ideal?

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Well from what i have heard muslim men as well as woman they like the guy to be muslim this way they can tell them who they can marry. They might not allow it some go as far as picking the husband and wife for them this is done by the family so it might be they are keeping it from the parents.

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They are allowed to pick and choose but it's mostly arranged. And women in Islam can't be forced to marry a person they don't want to. If they never want to marry, they'd just pile up tons of college and stuff onto themselves and use dramas as a way to convince the parents that stuff won't be alright. (True story <3)

of course not

he needs to brake upp

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I don't think it matters at all what race/religion either your son or his girlfriend are, as long as they truly have feelings for one another.

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Okay I know Muslims. Yes they want to pick out there spous but like every parent they want them to be happy. I know first hand that Muslims have strong felling for picking out who they want to marry there daughter or son. BUT it is also said that jews and Muslims dont get along. Thats a lie. So it all depends on how the parents fell about it.

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Its up to them if they want to be together, however just an advice that he will not be accepted by the muslim family as their religion forbids. Nothing against the girl but her religion has too many barriers.

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Muslim Girls can not marry a man from another religion, It is forbidden in Islam, but Muslim man can marry a women from another religion.

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If your son is dating a Muslim, it is his choice as much as it is hers. You should not allow religion to construct a bias view on anyone just because you hear negatives about certain people it doesn't make it all valid. I say it's a great idea.

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it's totally okay, as long as he loves her. But make sure her dad and mom won't find out or they'll hurt her. I am not being racist, I'm muslim myself and I know how this shit plays out. Good luck!

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It doesn't matter he dates a Muslim or a Latino , what matters is "does she care for him "

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Why does this actually matter? You need to get out of your kids business, it's good that they are not as prejudiced as you seem to be.

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jesus crist everyone!! (pun not intended) :) give 'em a break. LET THEM BE!!!!

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