My 9 year old soon too be step-son is not wiping properly. We had talked with him about it, showed him how to use a lot of toilet paper, tell him take his time and don't stop till everything is clean, provided wet wipes in every bathroom ect. His father and I have discussed how nasty it is, not to mention unsanitary, and that people will make fun of him for smelling. He still has dirty underware. My fiance would get pissed and throw them out after yelling at his son but that just costs us money and the problem is still not fixed. Every time I get on him about it he either cries or says I was sick today. In the begining I gave him the benefit of the doubt but now I am pissed! We wont let him eat spicy foods when we have him, I have taken allowance away, I am even thinking of having him hand wash his dirty underware, what next?? His mom says she does not notice it as much and doesnt know what to do. He is a bright kid with good grades and this is generally the only problem we have but in my opinion this is a huge probelm..... any suggestions????