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Maintained confidentially of electronic and paper records in accordance with HIPPA guidelines?

Should confidentially be spelled that way or another way?

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Did I just get my first period?

..Hi so I don't know if I just got my first period or not but I have had red and brown splodges and.dots in my undies and on the toilette paper ...

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Nine-year old soon to be step son is not wiping properly?

My 9 year old soon too be step-son is not wiping properly. We had talked with him about it, showed him how to ...

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What is a single celled organism?

were doing this paper at school and it ask what is a single celled organism? and i dont know what it is so help please!!!!

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Does my crush like me back??

So this may be a long story but please, I REALLY need help. So today during academic prep I drawing then all of a sudden this paper ball hits ...

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How can a 14 year old earn money quick?

hiya im 14 and is lookin to make money but cannot do paper rounds since of school and the spaces and times my mum is skint these ...

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