A visually-impaired customer has been picking up her medication at the pharmacy, accompanied by her guide dog. You know she is a regular customer but you haven’t served her before. It’s a busy day in the store when she approaches you to ask if you are able to walk her to the supermarket at the other side of the shopping complex. What do you do?

Which of the following actions are you most and least likely to take?

Say that you’d be happy to take her to the supermarket as she is a regular customer who is in immediate need of your help.

Explain to her that you’d like to help but since the store is very busy it is not a good time to leave your colleagues in the store.

Ask the customer to wait while you quickly check with your manager. Let the customer know you’ll be back in a moment and should be able to take her then.

Take the customer to your manager as you are not sure if you should be leaving the store during your shift hours.