... early because they were short staffed, my original hours were from 12:30pm-6:00pm i arrived at 11:50am and their was a supervisor on my post when i arrived she asked did my account manger which is my employer mention anything to me about staying late, the building hours are 11:30am to 7:00 pm i told her no, she came back and asked me would i be able to stay until 7 i told her i was sorry but i could not stay longer because i had to get home and i had something already scheduled around that time she said okay and left, she came back to my post around a couple hours later and told me that my account manager is making me stay because they are short staffed, i told her that i had to get home because i had something very important to do usually you are given the option to stay or if you want to leave but i was not she told me that i must stay and i had to take it up with my account manager when i texted him he told me someone was coming to my post and that if i left it would be abandoning post but i had already served my time which was 12-6pm, no one never arrived at 6 so at 6:20 i went home i came back to work the next day i was sent home and they told me i could not come back until we met i came back to meet and they gave me termination papers, i was with a union and the union who was getting money out of my check every month told me the employer and the company are not giving me my job back and the union as well said they would no longer fight my case, i filed for unemployment and then got approved, the office of unemployment granted me benefits because they said my former employer had no good reason of firing me because i served my time like i was suppose and i did nothing wrong a few weeks later i received a notice in the mail that he has filed an appeal for a court hearing to keep me from receiving my benefits and i have to go to court in 2 weeks does he has a chance of winning this case