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I filed a lawsuit but want to settle. Should I tell defendant this?

Long story short, I filed a small claims lawsuit and want to settle (not because I don't think I'll win; I just don't want to take off ...

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Hubley log truck?

I have a yellow log truck, about 6 inches long, I think it is a Hubley but the ones I can find are of a full cab style, mine has a short or pug nose ...

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Where can I get boxer shorts with no seam in the back?

I have tried every kind of Google search and every combination of words on Amazon and other stores. I still can't find this one simple item. I ...

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What do you say when someone calls you short?

Like say if some random guy said, "Hey, dude, you're pretty short to play basketball, go play with someone your ...

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What is a good name for a fake school?

I am writing a short story for class, and I need a name for a school. I want it to be a really fancy and expensive sounding school, ...

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What to call my story?

I'm writing a short story about how someone's monster--depression--is overtaking them, continuing until the person finally decides to ...

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Why am I so ugly ?

Like .. im fat , sooo short , my teeth are crooked .. nobody ever likes me , yes some people call me cute, liike one ir two . I cant take it anymore, ...

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Religion - I can prove that christianism is not true. Believe me?

I am a Jehovah's whitness and other people's religion don't make any sense. Please ...

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