Remote cabin, no internet, how could we use a wifi thermostat?

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Depending on how much money you want to invest, I guess you could have a satellite internet connection installed at the cabin.

With a satellite connection at your cabin you would have internet access to the WIFI thermostat from anywhere in the world.

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Hoping not to invest in that much. Would a straight talk or trac phone be able to provide a hot spot or some other device?

Possibly, but those systems rely on cellular communications which unfortunately you don’t have. Maybe try calling the local internet provider and see if a signal booster will work.

Wi-Fi has nothing to do with internet. It is connected to a computer so you can access it from any other Wi-Fi device, or by internet if that is available.

IMO you have to be out of your -- uh, -- I mean I don't understand why you would want anything in your house to be internet enabled. Security sux. You can be hacked by any geek who pretends to be a light bulb.

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