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Okay.. so we were having a good convo last night and then he says “having bad wifi again gtg” is

... that a sign that I should stop sc him? or did he rlly have bad WiFi?Bc he did that the night before too. but if i say “nice” to what ...

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Modem - I have a DSLline for my router to get WiFi. Can I have more than one router if have the?

... capability of another wall outlet to convert to DSL?

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Will a failed snapchat still send automatically after wifi is switched on?

I sent a snap to the wrong person but I immediately switched off the wifi before it could send. ...

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Minecraft PE problem!?

So, me and my friend play Mineraft in our iPads. We've usually just been using the play-on-same-WiFi thing, but now, to the discovery of the ...

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Which mobile phone is better plz?

which better? LG E405 Optimus L3 (2line) (WiFi) (Android) Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Samsung Galaxy Pocket Samsung Galaxy Y Huawei Gaga ...

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Does undertale need wifi to work?

I have recently (both from friends, family, and internet) heard many great things about a newly released RPG game called UNDERTALE. I ...

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What is the best android app that lets you listen to music without wifi?

Please help me! I'm trying to find a music app of some sort that lets me listen to music on ...

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