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How do I change my headers from numbers to letters on lg k8+(2018)?

Went into hidden menu and changed my voicemail notification header from numbers to letters

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Why would he need a CT scan?

I saw my surgeon on Tuesday & we decided to proceed with surgery. I had an MRI done in Oct/2018 which showed a lot going on in my shoulder. ...

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What are the latest updates about SEO in 2018?

I am doing a survey in digital marketing and I need to be updated with information going on. So can anyone help me out with ...

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GF's drinking?

My fiance and I set to get married at the end of 2018. My concern is her drinking! She drinks a lot! When she comes home from work she drinks 4-5 bottles ...

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What is your favorite song of 2018?

Personally, mine is Alesso Remedy

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How come the Myspace music player does not work in 2018?

The Myspace music player does not work for me across Firefox, Chrome and Safari. I have tried multiple computers ...

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I’m looking for a song!?

I have heard this song on the radio maybe three times in the last two weeks (February-March 2018). It has a piano in the background and it ...

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