My fiance and I set to get married at the end of 2018. My concern is her drinking! She drinks a lot! When she comes home from work she drinks 4-5 bottles of hard cider or 4-6 big glasses of wine.

And it's even worse when she's off where she starts drinking around 12PM where I'm nervous to come home knowing how she's going to be when i get there.

When she drinks she's passive aggressively mean. She constantly makes sniping hurtful comments and is constantly "on my a**." She's already had one DUI.

I love her because when she's not drinking she's one of the sweetest nicest people I've ever known where I can't imagine her not in my life where it depresses me greatly to think of her not in my life. ...But the drinking! Ugh!

I've brought it up to her many times, but she's still in denial of how bad it is. I know the truth that it's not going to get any better if not addressed and will only get worse once we're married.

I know I have to tell her she needs to address this or we can't be together, but if I break-up with her am I abandoning her where she could fall deeper into drinking?