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How do I get my 3rd cousin to have sex with me?

we have know each other since we were like 4 but im starting to like her were both 15 now we are cool with each other but ...

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Pregnant - My boyfriend and I had sex I think the 30th of June or July 2nd or 3rd. Anyways. I got m?

... period on June 29th and I wasn't suppost to but anyways my ...

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Hey I need so help will u help me?

well i broke up with my boyfriend because all he did would ask for sex this is the time and i am only 13 so this would be the 3rd time ...

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Hi, I am 11 and I reallyyyyyy like this boy in my 5th grade class. I met himm when i was in 3rd grade and we have been in the same class for 3 years. Plus ...

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Is this abuse?

My friend Zainab just got left in a 3rd world country so I think it's like Nigeria. She just turned 13 and her mother left her there against her will, ...

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