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Why is my face super red I got rid of all my acne but my face is still super red?

I had a huge breakout during summer and I cleared all my acne in August through September and now I'm all left with is acne scars and lots of ...

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Whats the best acne treatments for pimples and acne?

I have a slight case of acne. More so of just small pimples if there's a difference. So what are the best ...

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Teenage Acne Help?

I have acne and I really want to get rid of it ...Can you help out in making a plan on what to do on a daily basis to make it go away. I've been ...

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What kind of acne treament is the best?

So i have to go to middle school and got thiz bad acne problem. I have it on both of my uper cheeks and wth red blemishes, ...

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In the last 6 months I lost a little over 75 pounds (yay) but I have a lot of loose skin even on my?

... face! I have acne (Whitehead) issues all my life, but now that I ...

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Why is my skin extremely dry but extremely oily at the same time?

I've had dry skin my entire life since I have eczema. Now that I'm 13, I've noticed that ...

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