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How come whenever I’m trying to delete photos off my phone, they erase and then they come back?

I’m having trouble understanding how my phone is acting so stupid right now. I have 20K photos on a 65GB iPhone 8. I’m trying to delete ...

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Please tell me a comic name?

A girl an actress and a rude boy who hates her and he is a big actor in an acting he scares her by choking her in an acting role but she got scared ...

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I think my boyfriend is going to propose, do I tell him I know?

I am 90% sure he is going to propose on my birthday next week. He's been acting really weird and nudging me everytime we go past jewelry stores ...

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Does my Doctor co worker have a crush on me ??

I work in a hospital in nursing. I am 28 and attractive. This Doctor who is a co-worker of mine has been acting differently ...

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If my dog starts nesting a little here and there how much longer till she has her babies ?

I have not seen any discharge and shes not panting and shes still eating ok and ...

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I have the windows 8 laptop and the camera is acting slow?

3 days ago the camera started actin slow. my up dates are complete. i tried to fix it in setting but i couldnt ...

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My computer is acting funky and slow?

At first I thought it was with my internet connection, but nothing was wrong with my connection. Then I thought it was my internet ...

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My mom is angry at me and hasn't spoken to me in 2 days now. What do I do to make her happy?

She snatched me back during church and said i was embarrassing her ( i will ...

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