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How have Jehovah's Witnesses benefited the communities that they teach and preach in?

Many mainstream religions hold food drives, offer free clothing, build hospitals and housing facilities and hold recreational activities for the ...

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Have I been hacked if my Google activity log shows 2 of all shown activities?

Every Google activity in my log shows two of everything I clicked on and I only clicked one time for each activity. Have I been hacked?

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What barriers or challenges have you run into on a project? What did you do about them?

In a recent project, how did you determine the best sequence of activities?

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I am 54 yrs old and my wife 49 now and her period is stopped for the last 2yrs.I am very much active

... in sex activities but my wife's interest is zero .What can ...

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What are some activities to do at my 11th birthday party?

I have no money and don't know what to do. It's all girls and the party is for 4 hours.

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How do you get stepkids to like you?

I don't like kid's activities. I hate cartoons and I hate how nonsensical their conversations are and we end up arguing ...

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Google- I'm writing an essay about extracurricular activities and if it should be banned or not.?

... What's your opinion on banning extracurricular activities?

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Do you believe that global warming is caused by man-made activities?

or are you global warming sceptic and believe it's just nature and it all happened before.

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