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How can I most easily avoid fortnite players?

Ok I’m in middle school I’m a boy so basically everyone I know is addicted to fortnite. I myself despise fortnite, and want to know how ...

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Should I tell her doctor?

So my mom's been taking Ambien since I was a baby and she's gotten really addicted to it. A few? years back, she drove her car after she ...

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Why am I addicted to heavy rock?

okay so i FUCKING LOVE heavy rock!! like omg i can listen to it all dayyyy!! everyone says im weird tho cause thats ALL i listen too! i ...

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I am addicted to a computer game?

I started playing this computer game with friends and I started spending 4 hours straight on the game. This is hurting my family and it ...

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How to escape internet addiction?

Recently I've been badly addicted to the Internet Youtube, Facebook, Webtoons and much more. How bad is it? For example, I would ...

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I'm addicted to video games and it's really affecting my social life please help!?

My friends used to call for me all the time and I just made up some lame excuse so I ...

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My sister is addicted to Magikarp. How do I ignore it?

She's replaying the Magikarp Song over and over and she's playing Magikarp Jump. She's basically a ...

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