Recently I've been badly addicted to the Internet
Youtube, Facebook, Webtoons and much more.
How bad is it?
For example, I would sit down to study, then the next thing I know, I am surfing Internet, searching for viral videos, chatting on fb, etc. etc.
Whats even worse is that I would do this for hours and hours until.... like past midnight
And as a result of my lack of responsibility, my grades dropped, I stopped reading, gained weighs, lost my parent's trust.
However, during this summer, I really want to study, start reading again or at least do something productive.
To do so, I believe quitting internet would be my first step.
So, give me suggestions on what to do to escape INTERNET ADDICTION. (anything helps :D ) and if you've had experiences with internet addiction, tell me how you managed this problem.
thank you :)