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My boyfriend hit me but taking anger management. Will he hit me again?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. He is the sweetest, kindest person I know. He will go out of his way to do things me, he helps me ...

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How do you know if a cat is pregant?

what do they act like?what color nipples?

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My mom wants to get rid of me what should I do?

Ok so a few days ago I snapped into Sadie (an alternate personality I have) and I got angry because I have morning anger ...

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Will punching a wall or something similar around once every fortnight damage my hand permanently?

So sometimes I get really angry and punch a wall or something similar, ...

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What does it mean when a guy tries to make you angry?

There is a guy and he tries to anger me. I asked to see what he wrote and he made me promise I would get offended. ...

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Is it normal that when I'm writing, I feel what my character feels?

I see that whenever I am writing a story I always feel what my character feels. Like if my character ...

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