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Podiatry question?

I'm a 67 year old flat footed male whose ankles are slightly pronated bilaterally. I have a lot of trouble walking without chronic pain. Last ...

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Help help help?

Hello, I have a lump above my ankle bone and it's been there for quite some time. It's been there for around 11 months and I had a X-ray ...

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I sprained my ankle 4 weeks ago and heard a few pop sounds. it is currently only a bit swollen and?

... hurts when i cross my leg and sit. whenever i rotate my ankle to the position of how it was twisted, it hurts. should i go see a doctor?

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I got a horrible ankle injury yesterday. Is it broken or sprained?

Okay so I was basketball and I was going for a crossover, and somebody tripped me, and then I fell ...

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How come when I wash dishes, my legs/ankles start to itch? No redness or paint, just itching?

It never really happens to me other than washing dishes, i'm not ...

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How to purposely twist your ankle? (answer as fast as possible!!!!) (oh and painless as possible)?

Plz if u can give suggestions that r as painless as possible don't ...

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What does it mean when somebody wears a blue band on an ankle?

I saw a class mate wearing a blue band on an ankle and i'm curious about it as this guy is of my ...

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Help I have got ankle pain?

Ok I am only 10 and a girl and we did sports day I won it but a day after that I got bad ankle I went to the doctor to do physio but it still ...

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