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Diagnosed with epididymitis about 4 months ago. No STD. Any advice?

Antibiotics stopped the pain that was in my left testicle for 2 ish weeks, but now it’s back in both balls and is arguably worse. I ...

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Has anyone cured prostatitis? How? Antibiotics don't seem to work on me?

Don't want to take antiboitics any more, which can only work on me for a short time, but then the symptoms come back again and again. Recently, ...

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Orchitis not clearing up after antibiotics?

One day I noticed my testicles were swollen and went to a doctor was told orchitis. He gave me some Doxycyline and sent me home. I was good after ...

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So my son has had ear infections in the past, he just had what seemed to be a cold, but was...

...treated for an ear infection. My doctor wanted to see his ears after the ...

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Should I take antibiotics ??

im very healthy guy never taken any antibiotics in my life and any medicines for more than 10 years . but 1 day i was walking in forest it ...

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Google - This is a seeious question, so about 4 months ago I recieved a root canal, after I was?

... perscribed antibiotics to take, i took about 2 then i forgot, my ...

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How to cure uti naturally?

Last week, i was diagnosed with a uti. My doctor prescribed me antibiotics, but i don't want to take it for the side effects really scared ...

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I got bit by an outsidecat?

Igot bit by an outsidecat and i washed it immidiatly with soap and i went after 2 days to the doc she gave me antibiotics its been now 8 ...

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