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31B and wait till E-4 for SF selection or 11x with option 40 to try for 75RR until SF selection?

My post Army career goal is Law Enforcement in Los Angeles, but I've also lived with this huge desire to be the best of the best and help people ...

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What kind of patches were the Army 181st Infantry Regiment's soldiers putting on there ACUs?

I'm a Japanese boy living in Tokyo, and researching about the MA Army National Guard. This question is mainly about during they were in Iraq, ...

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I want to join the British Army, however I have a condition where I was born with one less valve... my heart. Would this effect me or can I even join the army because of this? I want to join the British Army, however I was born with a ...

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How to get out of the us army asap?

The army keeps putting out that its downsizing thousands of soldiers and a lot of budget cuts. How can I be apart of the downsizing of ...

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What should I name my book?

Set 100 years from now in what was once Europe, a king receives word of a young girl who can lead an army of thousands upon thousands with ...

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My boyfriend will dump me if I don't move with him when be gets stationed in the army?

So I have been with this guy for over 4 years and he just recently decided that ...

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My friends ex, and yes or no?

Basically I'm in canada driving tanks for the army, my my friend is in the same vehicle as me, but his ex girlfriend, who I have known ...

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