Set 100 years from now in what was once Europe, a king receives word of a young girl who can lead an army of thousands upon thousands with great skill. He asks her to become the general of his army at the age of 11. Three years later, she becomes the most feared general in the reborn world. (Called the reborn world because all of the world s problems, such as greed and wrath, caused the earth to have to be remodeled into a brand new world with brand new countries, cities, and continents.) The king himself is becoming increasingly greedy and taking land from a neighboring (and excessively peaceful) country, forcing the citizens to gather in the last corner of their country. The entire time, he tells the young girl general that the country had been threatening them and that she should attack first. His oldest son was the first to tell the girl of the king s greed and a rebellion of the king s own army begins.

And believe it or not, this whole story is through the eyes of the king s son and the girl, and is not completely about the king. And yes, the oldest son falls in love with the general.

So please, help me out here!!