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Why are videos art work?

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What is abbreviation of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Master of Arts in Politcal Science?

Please explain me, the difference between "Bachelor of Political Science" and "Bachelor of Arts in Political Science".

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What is your personal view on ‘street art’?

Some people feel that graffiti or ‘street art’ is a valid form of artistic expression. They believe that ...

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Why can we say music is art ?

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What are some interesting facts about LGBT?

I'm doing an art project and am having difficulties finding things I could use in my piece. Any facts will help a lot!

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Language Arts Questions?

1. A person may become destitute after losing his or her (1 point) job. hair. keys. 2. A resilient person responds to a hardship by (1 ...

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What happened to Adele Bloch-Bauer's diamond choker necklace?

After the necklace was confiscated and given to Hermann Goering's wife, where did the necklace end up? ...

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