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At what temperature gas bubbles or bubbles form in a geothermal hotspring or an artificial borehole?

is temperature is related to water bubbles or gas emanations in an hot spring or a bore hole?

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Do artificial sweeteners contain calories?

The label of my pot of sucralose says it contains 376 calories for 100 g. Same for stevia and aspartame. But how can this be if they contain no carbs?

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What are some candies w/o GMOs and artificial flavors/colors?

w/o means without in case anyone was wondering

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Alternatives to watching TV?

Hi, What are some relaxing, non-technology alternatives to TV to do at night? I don't like reading with artificial light and I ...

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How smart artificial intelligence now?

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If there was an eternal eclipse, how long could life last on Earth?

So if there was some kind of artificial eclipse, how long could life on earth last without technology? ...

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