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Question - Why does the Black American sub-culture try to make people automatically think the word?

... "Racism" has a direct association to the word "Hatred", when the two words have no defining, lingual,historical or literal ...

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Take a short survey for my project?

1. What do you think of when you hear the word "offender"? 2. What associations do you make with that word? 3. What is your perspective ...

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Do women generally have more power where women create and join their own associations?

“Do Separate Women’s Associations Increase Women’s Status and Power?”?

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Differentiate between 1-way and 2-way association with example for each?

This question is related to OO Analysis and Design.

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Functional, emotional and self-expressive benefits of M&M (chocolate)?

In Brand Associations, what is the functional benefits, emotional benefits, and self-expressive ...

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Technically speaking, isn't calling the sport "soccer" the same as calling it "football?"?

"Soccer" derives from Association Football, from the "soc" ...

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