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What is a good attention getter for Lord of the Flies essay?

I am writing about Jack and Ralph's differences in actions, priorities, and perceptions. Thanks!

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Soccer - How best to get a players attention and fix them constantly kicking field goals instead...

...of scoring. We are talking way off target!

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When using a promo code, what do I need to pay attention to?

Is there any specific notice I need to know? Do I have to subscribe for anything before that? Do I need to check if the code has expire date?

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Solve the equation!!! 2x-3y+4z=12?

i dont know how to solve this equation it's hard can someone help me it is my fault because i didnt pay attention in class

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What do girls look for in guys?

What do girls look for in guys?What do we have to do to get your attention girls.

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Does God pay attention to us?

I was once told by a priest, that God started the process of life and then let it take care of itself. Do most feel like that?

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Why does my crush always looks down on the floor in the hallway when he see me ??

We used have class last semester and he would always glance or smile at me during class ...

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How do I get a boys attention?

Okay, well I really like a guy I'm only in one of his classes :( anyway we used to talk only online because well, I'm shy and ...

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