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What was the name of the restaurant that closed in Rolling Meadows, Illinois?

It was in the corner of a strip mall and had awesome escargot?

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Where can I watch ai no kusabi English dub?

I have been looking online everywhere. I literally can't find the uploaded dub. If someone knows a site it's uploaded on that would be ...

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Looking for websites to find other people online to collab with on some music tracks?

For example, I've got some songs that need some lyrics and vocals. Would be awesome to find someone who might be interested

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What is an awesome anime to watch?

I need ANIME! I just got finished watching black butler. I have not watched many anime, but I have seen inuyasha, the girl who Lept ...

25 answers | | Open

What are some awesome, Mature, Dubbed Anime?

What are some really good Mature English Dubbed anime that has Hardcore Suspense and Mystery similar to Death Note? I'm ...

6 answers | 1 star | Open

Awesome MineCraft animations?

Hey guys, Do you know some cool YouTube channels that make MineCraft animations? I really like MinimationsGroup on YouTube, and Slamacow, ...

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Is it okay for a 25 year old girl to date a 17 year old guy. No sex. Look 4 yr apart. Same height?

They are awesome together. She doesn't drink and they just love ...

3 answers | 1 star | Open

Do I post a super awesome, slightly risque picture, or not?

Usually I'm in my bra in my pics, but this pic is of me in Lingerie (tasteful stuff tho). Do I post it to ...

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