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Facebook lacking search bar?

I took over the Facebook page for my company. It is a business page. It hasn't been used for years, and now I'm trying to use it and it ...

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Comcast - I have rented a movie. The sound comes through but there is no picture? There is a movie

... time bar at bottom of screen and the sound from the movie is playing but the screen is black? What do I do to get a picture?

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Does a bar have to have a fire alarm system?

Does a bar that is open on a night with loud music and disco lighting need a fire alarm system? By fire alarm system I mean ...

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How is earth like a bar magnet?

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What do you think?????????????/?

i went out to a bar with one of my mums friends daughter it wasn't really a date but i reallly like her and i got the feeling she ...

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Why should we be together? I saw this video on YouTube yesterday about staying together?

Its on YouTube. Just go to the address bar at the top of your computer screen and ...

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