What's the easyiest way to pick up chick's in a bar?

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buy 4 her beer,chickens and other soft drinks which will lead her automatically to follow you.Did u get dat men take your time.........

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What is this about buying her chickens?!!

i would love chikens

pickupartistmindset.com has anwsers

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you can buy her a drink say i love you and go for the kiss.

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another idiot!

then she slaps you in the face :p

Be yourself. Forget the rest.

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I agrre, just be yourself, but why would you really want to find someone in a bar, go find her somehwere else

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i know really.

woman look for men in bars to

guys that go to bars to look for girls are usually just looking for one night stands like girls too.

yeah i tot agree !!!! :)

placing hands around waist, squatting and then using your strength in your lower body thrust upwards therefore picking up the chick

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Lol stupid!

That's my kind of humor! Teach him to post such a general question! Ha ha!

hahaha, im dying xD
i was going to say something simulair

Go in dressed up all fine, with dark glasses and a seeing eye dog. And a wingman. Dance with girls and let them pet your seeing eye dog. This will trick them into being interested in you, hopefully. Or, go to the same bar all the time and make friends with the owners so that everyone likes you there. Or, say "Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven." Or, my best advice yet: go to blockbuster, rent and watch "How I met you mother" season one disk by disk, do everything that the character Barney says.

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There is no easy way to pick up chicks in a bar. But there are signs you can watch for that will significantly improve your odds. First whats the guy girl ratio for that bar, if its not more girls than guys its a waste of time. Second watch for eye contact or other body laguage signs that suggest interest. EX. playing with hair, smiling (watch the facial movments in the smile does the nose crinkle or the forhead wrinkle if not its a false smile). Third after your engaged in conversation dont be a jackA act interested even if your not (you probably wont be). Finally she will make the move look for any kind of body contact (any kind at all will work) it could only be brushing against you but it means shes very interested and this is your invitation for more. And finaly DONT RUSH! Women are exedingly more complicated than men and when you push to fast your going to get rejected everytime. These are just some general guidelines ive picked up over the years and ive never failed. You just have to feel your way around the situations cause no two are alike. Once you have the basic understanding then you can refine your own personal style and women will be attracted to this. Good luck amigo and happy hunting.

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Well, I gotta say I'm glad I've never met you in a bar.... have I? Sounds like you definitely know your stuff. This is smart and I agree would work 9 times out of ten. It gives the impression that you're actually interested in her not just sex, so don't be surprised if she expects more from you afterwards. It sounds like you r definitely just trolling for sex. Rounders just suck but especially the smart ones! UNLESS, she's looking for the same thing then all's fair in sex and war!!!

I asked God ans he says go to amsterdam and go to the red light district

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Go alone sit at the drinking bar and wear regular/normal clothing.... everytime she glances at you--------WINK!!!! it'll work trust me

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zero? whats it for zero game? hahahhaa

Picking up women at the bars is definatly not a good idea... If you want to though, and it works, make sure you go to the clinic and get checked for disease... Women who r easy enuff to snag at the bar....That scares me....

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just dont do it theres better girls out there plus you dont want one that sits at bars and drinks

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why would you want a chick from a bar there all drunk and stink go to a dating site and actually get a realationship going with some one who isn't drunk and about to fall off the bar stool

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First get in a conversation with someone you know and while your talking every once in a while look at her and then she will know your interested in her. Then she will look at you and then go over and buy her a drink. Then complement her by saying something original like " as soon as I saw you I knew you were as beautiful as the sun setting in the sky." Then if she has a shimmering look in her eye when you say it she likes you. If she doesn't then ask her what hobbies are. If she does and says something on the complement ask her if she would like to go on a date.

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Go 2 her, buy drinks 4 her and tell her u love her, declare ur wealth 2 her, b4 u know it, she will be right in ur bedroom.

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That's intresting , Blessing !

Go to a bar and reach your hands out and pick her up.