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I want to start making Lo-fi hip hop beats. Where should I start ?

I've been listening to lofi beat tapes for a while now and I want to make those kinds of beats as well. I've decided to try my hand at ...

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Can someone come up with an anti-bullying song/poem? I have to write a poem and I’m doing...

...anti-bullying. I have to perform it in front of my class with a beat?

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My sister is dating a guy who just came out of prison, he beats her and takes her money. She has a 5

... year old son. The Boyfriend hasn't abused my nephew yet ...

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What hip hop song has a submarine sonar sound in it?

I heard a hip hop song the other day but i cant remember the words. The beat has been stuck in my head though. It had ...

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I almost got raped in skool by girls..bcoz they used the spades and shovels and sticks to beat me up

... and i was unconscious..... so they took off ma clothes and ...

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Dr. dre beats studio can be damaged by the computer?

My brother is saying that connecting his Dr. dre beats Studio to the computer will damage them because of the higher ...

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Who do you think will win the NBA 2016 Finals? The Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers?

I'm a bay area citizen so the GS Warriors will win the NBA ...

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