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Black, ink-like goo?

While exploring with my best friend, we stumbled upon something that's really bothering me. I was walking over a sewage tunnel (large enough for ...

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Need some life/relationship advice?

Basically I am 23 and extremely lonely. I have never been particularly good in social situations, but I used to have a life. Now, two of my best ...

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My best friend wants to put my contact info on his military enlistment papers. Why would he need to?

I already let him, and I am perfectly fine with it I just want to know why the military asks for friends not only parents and other close family.

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A long paragraph for my bestie Emily?

I need a long sweet paragraph for my best friend Emily her nickname is Louis and we met in cheerleading practice

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What to do when your best friend has a crush on your boyfriend?????

she has feeling for my boyfriend!! HELP

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I'm 17 and I have no social life. I'm always in my room on Facebook and I do this for hours to?

... distract myself from my boredom.. I don't go out because people ...

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I think my best friend is trying to fatten me up! What should I do?

In about August, I was telling my best friend about how I didn't eat at lunch everyday and how I ...

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