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I need some tips of how to stop being my best friend’s doormat. She’s keeps controlling me. For?

... example, I recently travelled to Cuba and now that I’m back we are doing a Spanish project and me and my BFF picked Cuba. She keeps ...

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Insight on INFJ's?

I used to be an ENFP. I didn't have my first best friend till I was 19. An INFJ. She door slammed me. Then I fell into a deep depression. I know ...

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Is there a Snapchat emoji that shows/says you're their #1 best friend but not yours?

Besides the usual "best friend" emoji that shows up next to your friends name on snap? Hope I explained this well, haha. Thanks!

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A long paragraph for my bestie Emily?

I need a long sweet paragraph for my best friend Emily her nickname is Louis and we met in cheerleading practice

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What to do when your best friend has a crush on your boyfriend?????

she has feeling for my boyfriend!! HELP

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I'm 17 and I have no social life. I'm always in my room on Facebook and I do this for hours to?

... distract myself from my boredom.. I don't go out because people ...

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im 13 year old girl and i have no idea what to do. first off, my "best friend" has started verbally abusing me. she called me a ...

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