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Help help help?

Hello, I have a lump above my ankle bone and it's been there for quite some time. It's been there for around 11 months and I had a X-ray ...

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Can a person with OI (osteogenesis imperfecta) join the military (i have type 4)?

Osteogenesis Imperfecta is when your bones are weaker than some who doesn't have it. but i have 4 which is low (good in my case)

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Describe the arrangement of metacarpal bones you would expect to find in this species?

the scientific name of a species is equus burchelli. based on what its name tells you about its taxonomic classification, describe the arrangement of ...

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What are some WNT protein or any type foods?

Im needing to heal this fracture in my wrist really fast It would help to know which exact wnt foids to eat for faster bone ...

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Google - Tv Series Similar to Castle?

Hello, Can anyone suggest me a serie like Castle similar romance/relationship between the main characters, Comedy-Drama and ...

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Why do I have a small lump on my right neck below my chin bone? It hurts when I press it?

It would dissapear a few days later and appear again a few months later.

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Can they take my kids away if my husband has anger issues?

First things first my husband has never hurt me And the most he’s ever done to my kids a squeeze them. No ...

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I have a chipped bone in my wrist. What does that mean?

Its been hurting for a while and I don't know what to do. Is it broken? Is it sprained? Do I need surgery on ...

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