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Two books are sitting on a bookshelf. Both books have the same mass, but one is sitting on the... shelf, and the second book is sitting on the bottom shelf. which book has more potential energy? Explain

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How do Ithaca 37 shotguns load and eject from the same port?

An Ithaca 37 shotgun both loads and ejects from the same port at the bottom of the receiver. The shells are stored in the magazine tube below the ...

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What kind of Vans have textured soles? They have little ridges running horizontally across...

...the bottom of the door is the Vans logo and from the side view the soles seem to be bumpy, which they are. I thrifted a pair and am trying to ...

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Given the median line QR and trapezoid MNOP, what is the value of x?

In the trapezoid the median is at the bottom NO = 4x-16 QR = x+16 Median 32

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What should I put on the bottom of a wooden box for planting my greens?

I live above a business and am going to make a garden with containers and these two wooden boxes ...

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How do you manage your work-life balance and reduce stress?

Work-life blance is a problem for many people. Becoming a workaholic does not improve your bottom-line of ...

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Hi I have something on my gum, it's the bottom gum by my back tooth on the left. Really annoying?

It feels really annoying not sure if it's serious it don't ...

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Was she being a baby?

When I cut my 16 daughters hair she cried for about 2 weeks it usto be a little past the bottom of her cheast and now its a little below shoulder ...

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