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What makes a sunrise or sunset bright with color ?

sunrise=pinks sunsets=multi

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What can I wear with a bright orange skirt?

I have this bright orange skirt I got from a friend. It was a gift and, in theory, I really like the skirt - it’s a good length, flattering, ...

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I'm researching dress codes. How should I find a principal I can email that banned dress codes?

I need to find a principal I can email with gmail that banned dress codes to ask them some questions. Anyone got any bright ideas? I tried to look up ...

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I bleed when I poo and I get a feeling every now and again where I can't breathe in because it hurts

Nearly everytime I poo, it has a tiny tint of red to it, or sometimes ...

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What happens when a black hole eclipses a star?

This is the full question. The question itself isnt enough. There is a binary system. A black hole and a bright star. They ...

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What can be a title for music magazine?

Hello! I really need help with my coursework. I need to think about title for a music magazine such as Kerrang! or Rock Sound. It ...

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I found out that theres a mouse in my bedroom and my sister calms that she felt it in her bed. itp?

my mother says that mice dont come out in bright light and that they ...

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