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I make one hundred thousand daily and am still broke, please I need advice, am confuse?

i make hundred thousaid daily and am still broke, some days i make more than hundred thousand, please i really need advice.

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Should I create a new Instagram account to get rid of bad memories of the one I currently have?

I broke some friendships recrntly due to some mistakes Ive created and actions that caused me to being back on my own. Staying on the ine account I ...

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Need a scanner to do my rear brakes by resetting my EPB for my Subaru without going broke?

Looking to spend max $150 range. I’ve seen them for $30/40 for vw, Audi, etc. thanks in advance!

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Help with new ipod touch?

... I have an ipod touch that works with my computer and itunes, but that ipod recently broke. I got a new ipod touch but itunes will not ...

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Can my 9 yr old son get arrested?

he and a friend playing ball some windows got broke both blame each other the police say if i dont pay they will arrest my son is this ...

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Should I contact a long lost sister that I recently found on facebook who may not know I exist?

In 1971, my mother became pregnant with me when she was 19. My biological ...

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We broke up so can people give me some songs?

we broke up and he starts dating another girl a week later. So i need some songs to get over him, but not sad, love, break ...

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Took plan b, who is the father?

on january 15 i had sex, the condom broke, i took plan b 5-7 hours after, 13 days later i had sex, the condom broke, and i got pregnant, ...

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