In 1971, my mother became pregnant with me when she was 19. My biological father and my mother broke up and he was never in the picture. Two years later my mother remarried and I was raised by her husband. I am now 38 years old and have been having some health problems which have caused me to become curious of my paternal medical history. My mother could not find my birth father's phone number, but found his mother who is still alive, and contacted her using a fake excuse. During that conversation my "grandmother" (who doesn't even know I exist) revealed that my father had married and had a daughter (my half-sister) who is now 35 years old. Knowing my father's name, his daughter's name, and his wife's name, and the city they live in, I was able to locate my sister's facebook profile within minutes. My father has not called my mother back yet, and I'm not sure he will. I am saddened to find out that I have a sister that I was kept away from for 35 years and of course I want to contact her, but for all I know she has no idea that exist. I don't know what to do, but it makes me sad to see her picture on facebook and imagine that I might never meet her. Any suggestions?