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What type of tin can has a bull on the pull tab?

I found two soda/beer can openers (pulled of the cans) and I’d like to know what brand or company makes these.

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12 week old bull dog puppie?

We have a 12 week old Bull dog puppie who like's to stand on your feet...does that mean anything...If i'm cleaning the house and stop to do ...

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Just adopted an 8 week old female pit bull, when we went to pick her up I’d notice that her tummy?

... was swollen on both sides as if there were tennis balls. When mentioning this to the seller, she said the puppy had just drinking a whole bowl ...

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Problem - I need a reason to live?

but please, don’t give me any of that "think about all the people who cares about you" or “everyone has a ...

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I just brought a puppy home to my 8 month old dog and she won't leave her alone?

I have an 8 month old pit bull and I just got a new ~2 month old bull mastiff/husky puppy ...

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How cant I make my dog feel better?

i have recently started fostering a 1 1/2 year old pit bull from a rescue center not far from my house. i have taken him to the vet ...

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When fully grown are Alaskan Malamutes classed as a normal big or huge dog breed?

I've had some big dogs in the past St bernard And bull mastive, im just woundering ...

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What do you REALLY call a Shih tzu bull dog mix?

Is it bull tzu?

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