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Can someone come up with an anti-bullying song/poem? I have to write a poem and I’m doing...

...anti-bullying. I have to perform it in front of my class with a beat?

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How should I handle a bully?

Long story short, someone that I know started bullying me and my friends on social media. I confronted him about it and he apologized to my friends ...

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Eminem song where he raps a letter sent to him about bullying?

A while back I came across an eminem song where he receives a letter, raps what's on the letter, and then raps his reply on the song. Although ...

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Im a young girl. Im being picked on by a group of girls I once tried to help get threw alot of problems but as soon as I wasn't requires I have been ...

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How do I solve this bullying problem?

I'm a 17 years old girl and I'm ugly n overweight. Have been all my life I've been picked on because of it. When I ...

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Is this classfied as bullying?

I'm not going to report them or anything because they're my friends... and I know I just need to deal with it maturely. The last ...

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What can I do to stop getting bullied?

So I'm 12 and a boy it my sound weird cuz I get bullied by girls. I am fat an kinda ugly. I usually want to sit down and cry ...

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My brother is getting bullied?

My little brother, age 12, is getting bullied in school. The kid is his age, and they are both in 6th grade. I am in 8th grade and I feel ...

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